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                              Libyan  draft constitution English

At first, our legal company and the workers herein would like to present to you our best compliments and respect.

            We are Alshumukh Stock Company for Legal Services and Consulting with seat for our diversified activities and services in the city of Tripoli. A number of partners, experts and collaborators who are endowed with knowledge, high experience and distinguished cognizance with the Libyan legislations in all their fields and various applications are operating and collaborating with us… whereas our company includes a number of: notaries publics / legal consultants / lawyers / organization and management experts who know how and are familiar with all the legal and judicial aspects, settle disputes and offer legal consulting, numerous experts specialized in the field of administrative organization, universities professors who are endowed with knowledge with the new methods of legal and administrative systems and the preparation of regulations drafts used for work within the national and foreign companies as well as the administrations, establishments, institutions and public authorities and also the preparation of structures, cadres and the administrative and organizational studies.

            This company cooperates also with the national and regional experience houses.

            Our company has held the reins of stake and initiative – in Libya – through its initiative to work towards offering all the legal services and consulting by adopting a style vis-à-vis customers and also through its electronic site at the Internet:

            We therefore would like to confirm our attempt, mastery and accuracy of the electronic work as precisely as possible and also the other relevant activities at the required time and our slogan is always accurate advice and legal work by virtue of offering as much as possible the legal point of view. In this respect… we are concerned with the introduction of laws and services that our company may cover by means of a multi-specializations work team, which are as follows:-

 First:   Dept of Notarization of contracts and complement

 First:  Activities of legal mediation

1.                  Services that provide confident between the contracting parties including the drafting of all correspondences, offers, affirmation offers, acceptance replies, lay down and follow up the implementation of general / detailed / accurate conditions  … formulation of all types of contracts / primary/ temporary / final pledges… follow up execution from all the contracting parties… determine the laggard who lingers from execution and compel him by virtue of law and official contracts.

  1. Accepting the deposits/ money/ remittances/ bank credit or others/ backing, personal/ general guarantees/ documents/ shipping/ warehouse deposits/ rights transfers or follow-up obligations to the final implementations.
  2. Opening back accounts with conditions and restrictions of guarantees, etc…
  3. Alshoomokh Co. shall provides grantees for direct guarantees to the seller of the buyer.

 Second: Contracts and National Companies:

1.      All kinds of contacts – sales and purchase – real estates, movables, cars, vehicles, factories of projects, transfers, commercial agencies, contracting, import, investment services.

2.      All kinds of progress payment or the agreements concerning the payment, and agenizing all the payment and receipt operations and transfers via – bails, justifications – not payment.

3.      Keeping all kinds of  securities related the documents, circulating them, trading them, using them and keeping all kinds of other securities, such as papers, civil documents, commercial documents, financial papers, notes and pretest of any kind.

4.      Companies services of all kinds from the begging of establishment (choosing and fixing the trade name, the articles of associations, memorandum of association, regulations of ordinarily and extra ordinarily  assembly resolutions, minutes of the committees and minutes of boards of directs, following up the incorporation procedures and procuring to cause commercial extracts, registrations with the chamber of commerce and registries concerning the importers and tenders for working at the private sectors and general and public and private entities, following up opening back accounts, procuring to cause requesting the seals, logos of registering them, and registering the trade marks, advertisement services for the establishment of regulating the operations of general subscription, keeping the books of subscription, and generally all legal services of the companies from the begging of incorporation to the liquidation and omitting from the official registries.

5.      Organizing the shares books by supervising the ordinary typing and electronic typing and issuing the coupons or certificate of shares, trading the shares by sale and purchase, waiver and withdrawal.

6.      Establishing partnerships (Tasharokiyat)/ minutes/ amendments – sailing - shares, registering in the official books/ winding up and liquidating - changing the companies status – partial of full merging.

7.      Ownership contracts/ rental, following up of payment/ collecting the installments or any renewable or periodical debts.

8.      Minutes/ delivering/ receipt/ inventory/ evidencing state/ evaluation/ reconciliation/ division/ exchange.

9.      Investment contracts/ real estates/ industrial/ commercial/ tourism/ maritime/ services/ agricultural

10. Different participation contracts of different types, purposes and forms.

11. Establishing insurance bank companies/ full procedures.

12. Contracts of conditions/ shipping/ transportation/ travel and tourism .. etc. forms.

13. Liquidating all kinds of companies, partnerships, inheritances, incorporations and managing the liquidation committee and organizing their minutes and following up the procedures of omission from the commercial registry and relevant advertisements.

14. All kinds of the legal  and administrative consultancies related with the above mentioned magazines.

15. Registering the foreign companies of all kinds and registering the companies operating under the investment and tourism law, as well as registering the agencies, trade marks, patents, opening representative commercial offices.

 Third: Legal Professions & Lawful Consultancies:

Includes litigations before all the courts and other entities,  giving the legal consulting, in the following fields:-  commercial and civil legislations, banking legislations, financial legislations, taxes, customs legislations, labor and social security legislations, real estate and industrial ownership legislations, investment , free zones and transit trade legislation, transport legislations, environment and health legislations, tourism and archeology legislations, …  etc.

 Fourth: Organizing Regulations & Administrative Structures:

Evaluating the regulatory structures of the companies. /  . Preparing the main, subsidiary organization charts and detailed functions for their regulatory divisions. /     

.Preparing the administrative directory (regulatory) project.  /  . Preparing  and reviewing the regulations projects and existing work systems. /   . Preparing the conceptions regarding developing the existing organization charts to be up with the state of art softwares and local and global systems./

.Planning the job quorum and functions analysis. /  . Classifying and describing the functions.                 

.Studying the working force at the companies and stating the surplus according to the accounting and technical practices. / 

.Preparing all the regulations and work systems.

 Especially, under the application of Law no. 3, (2006), regarding public sector companies which gives the right to the general companies to set their special regulations.

Accordingly, the hope attracts us to open the cooperation channels, hopefully, at the same time to give us the opportunity to provide our services in any of the indicated services.

Noting that the prices will be stated on basis of the detailed unit ((the idea – the hour- function …. Etc)).

 Also, we are willing to provide more detailed offer financially in event of specifying the scope of the required service.


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